. All my life I have searched for ways to use my knowledge and abilities to help others. My mom was always teasing me that I was born a generation too late, I should have been a peace loving hippie that wanted to change the world. I would just laugh. Looking back though, she was right. I am saddened by people suffering. The work that these two graduates are doing is comforting to me. They are taking their skills and helping people in a culture that struggles with daily situations. I love the fact that not only are they physically feeding the youths in a poverty stricken area, but they are also providing food for their minds. Teaching them about art, agriculture and technology. Another point of this story that I delight in, is the fact that they are not promoting their cause with glitz and glam. They realize that if the cause is worth it and doing what it is supposed to, then people will come for that reason, not because a fancy commercial or big shot celebrity said they should. With the recent storm that have hit our surrounding areas, a lot of folks have been wondering what it is that they can do to help those in need. This is a good thing. My own immediate response to the storm devastation was “what can I do?” What can I do…..? They are overwhelmed with supplies, though they can always use more. Clothes have been donated from all over. Businesses have volunteered to help clear debris. Money has been raised to aid in the rebuilding of lives. What else is there? The children. Mom and dad are stressed. Family members may have been injured or worse. They have a lot on their minds. The children need an outlet. I have pondered the situation and I feel like creating something for the children would make a difference. Raising money to provide day outings and playdates for the children while mom and dad are trying to piece things together. It is summertime, a time of fun in the sun. Ice cream, sprinklers, laughter. The children have endured the same pain as the adults, but in a different way, and having a way to feel like a kid again in these troubled times could make a world of difference.


06/07/2013 6:26pm

I absolutely love your idea of providing a program to help the children cope with this terrible time. They should be able to feel like children again. It could even be something like a week long sports or academics camp. The only problem I see is, that with what happened at the schools many parents are going to be very reluctant to let their child out of their sight during this rebuilding process.


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