What makes me, me? This seems to be a question that I could probably spend hours answering. I think my personality is probably the number one thing that makes me, me. I am about as individualistic as they come. I am the last person to follow the crowd. I tend to make my own path. Those who choose to follow my path, well they are in for an interesting ride. So what is my personality? Where shall I begin? I am loud and obnoxious, yet I am caring and sensitive. I love to be in loud and lively situations, but when given the opportunity I am quite content with a glass of wine and some Claude Debussey playing on my stereo. I am the shy girl that keeps to herself until the moment arises that I will talk your ear off with my random thoughts that, to those who do not know me, may have some wondering if I am a loon. I also believe that my children make me, me. I never saw myself as the “soccer mom”, the “T-ball mom” or the mom that teaches her children to catch and clean fish, but guess what? That is who I am. I don’t regret a single minute of the person that they have made me. In fact I embrace the fact that my children are able to often times get me to live outside of my box. They have taught me to see the beauty in things and to always question what you don't understand. The biggest lesson they have taught me is to love and cherish every moment, not just the good. I believe my faith in God has also defined who I am. I know that every blessing and gift I have been given, as well as the struggles and hardships, they have all made me the strong, relentless individual that I am. So who among you is willing to join me on this crazy ride…?


Mandy Schroeder
05/16/2013 7:51pm

It’s good that you have the courage to follow your own path, which can sometimes be really hard, especially if you have people telling you don’t do this or that sounds like a horrible idea. I can identify with being the shy girl in the room. Additionally I can also be the loud crazy girl, especially when I am hanging out with my friends. However unlike you I am much more comfortable in the quiet, laid back situation with only a couple of really good friends instead of the situation that is loud and crowded. I find it awesome that you do take the time to do all those things with your kids. My mom did the same for me and I can honestly say that your kids will look back on those memories with only the fondest and happiest memories. I believe that being you is the best thing to be even if you are considered “goofy”. Being yourself makes you happy which is what I believe is the most important thing in the world.

Bryce Moody
05/17/2013 7:47am

Lets go. I love adventure. Keep forging your own path and don't let anyone stand in your way. Children can bring so much joy and wonderment to a person's life. This wonderment that they can bring to life is one of the biggest reasons I want to be a pediatrician. That and that I will always be a kid at heart. The old Toys 'R' Us saying "I don't want to grow up; I'm a "Toys 'R' Us kid" fits me so to a "T."


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