During the 6 weeks that we will be in this class, I plan on gaining more knowledge about writing. I have enjoyed writing for many years. Poetry, songs and short stories mostly. The poetry and songs always went over well for me, mostly because they were short in length and to the point. They didn't require a whole bunch of time and commitment. I did enjoy writing the short stories, but I always faced one incredibly HUGE hurdle. Completion. The crazy thing is, every story needs and ending and I could just never find the right way to do it. I have boxes of stories, good stories I might add, that are just collecting dust because I just don't know where to go with my writing to end them. Am I really that lacking in imagination that I can't finish them, or is it something more. Quite possibly I just don't like saying goodbye to my story lines. Either way, my goal for this class is to gain a better understanding of my writing and where I should be going with it next. Who knows? I may just finish every single story....

     That being said, this is my second semester for my online courses and I have to say that I really do enjoy them. Being a single Mom that is not only enrolled full time in college but also works full time, online is my saving grace. Traditional college would probably frown on me for asking to have classes between the hours of 9pm and 2am, but this is the time that I have to work with and it does work. I am going to school to pursue a career as an RN, so my basics are working out just perfect online and I will continue to take them as long as I am able. I know there will come a time when I will need to be a school physically more often than not, but I will face that hurdle when it comes. Who knows? I may just sell that box of finally finished short stories...


Rachel Higdon
05/10/2013 7:22pm

I use to feel the same way about ending a story. Is it the right time? How do I write an ending and make sure it sounds good with what I already wrote. There was a lot of questions I had about ending an essay. These comp classes really helped me understand. When is the right time to end a story and how to write the concluding paragraph. Glad to have someone in the class that enjoys writing so much. We will learn a lot from reading your writing.


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